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  • Why shop on The Green Life?
    Because you help support our project, those who made the purchased product and the planet thanks to the donation destined for the associations we support.
  • Why The Green Life?
    Because there is so much work to be done to improve our planet. Do not you think? Not only on an environmental level but also on a human level. Just look around to understand why the need for a "Green Life". Not enough for you? Want to know where the idea came from? Go to the "Our Story
  • Can I make a return?
    When you buy on The Green Life you buy directly from the seller, who is obliged to offer a quality service in accordance with the Italian law and conditions of sale. After the purchase, the seller's data will be sent to you by email and you can contact him for any inconvenience that may occur. Also, using the paypal system which has a refund policy to protect customers from unwanted or damaged purchases. The customer has the right to modify the purchase or obtain a refund directly on paypal, in these cases: • You received a different item to the one you ordered. • You have received a damaged item. • You received a different quantity of the item you ordered. • the delivery is not complete, some components or elements are missing. • You have received an item that is very different from the description in terms of quality and appearance. Please read the Shipping and Returns
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