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We like it green

The need to surround yourself with greenery grows every day 

together with sensitivity towards environmental issues.

We are an Oasis where you can cultivate the Green style and spirit thanks to the purchases you can make with those who work "naturally" respecting the environment and according to a "Green" philosophy.

 We encourage you to shop for a good cause

that are good for the spirit and the planet.

Not only sustainable items but also and above all support for companies,

artists, craftsmen and designers who resist large-scale distribution and fight against the consumerism that fuels pollution.

Our world is also traditions, crafts, knowledge, art and culture. We interpret the future and defend the heritage of the past.

All this needs a single Oasis. Our.



I am Sonia Ripamonti Milanese by birth but an islander in the DNA from a Sicilian mother.

I chose another island to live in, Sardinia, the island of the wind, unspoiled nature and magical energy. I am passionate about art, design and anything made with one of a kind passion. I don't believe in humans  but in the power of nature. A sensitivity that I have trained since childhood.

In 2019 I was a bit bored organizing the usual events with my agency, Special Occasion Services, useful only for entertainment and to remember the special occasions of customers. I saw too much selfishness, too much disinterest in the fate of the planet, too much consumerism and trade in useless things, too much production of nonsense or articles that pretend to do good. Without ethics. I decide to use the   events to do something good, to leave a positive message, to educate and raise awareness. To give my contribution to a better world. There is a great need especially during the most beautiful period of the year: Christmas. Where it says "we are all better", ready to give and share.

Thus was born the idea of a "Green Christmas", the Green Christmas Market. Everyone in that period is looking for the "perfect gift" falling back most of the time in useless purchases that often feed the consumerism that pollutes. Thanks to this event, I educated the customer in purchasing choosing something created with the hands of a craftsman, products at km 0, works of art, or directing him in choosing a company that aims to respect nature. But really though, not just because it says on the label of a package maybe even plastic! Giving value to those who create and supporting small businesses was the main mission. But also educating about purchasing without arguing about the price of an item because behind it is a person's life, passion and work. The purchase does good for the producer, for the planet and for those who receive it.


Here comes the pandemic that takes all events away! 

Destiny that for a while it is not possible for me to organize anything in the field of events, nature has blocked us. Maybe I was right to defend her by dedicating myself to something else to help her. The only thing left for me from the last organized event was to keep it going.


I decide to call it The Green Life, because it should be so since in theory it all started with mother nature on a planet where we are guests. A green oasis where you can cultivate the Green spirit and style by following advice for a sustainable life, participating in social initiatives and shopping for a good cause. 

I am transferring the Green Christmas Market to the web thus broadening the horizons beyond the Christmas period. In 2021 I arm myself with courage and open a real space following the Christmas event held. The oasis really exists, it has its showroom in Olbia. A small place to cultivate green style and spirit.

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